6.4-6.8: Soteriology

6.4. Regeneration. 

We believe, according to the Scriptures, “For by favor you are saved, through persuasion, and this is not of you, but is a gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should brag” (Eph. 2:8-9 AST). We believe that eternal life in Christ Jesus is a gift of God, which is declared to be a portion and measure of His indwelling Mentality of Separation. We believe that the purpose of this gift of the Mentality is to regenerate the believer by resurrecting the believer from the hopelessness of their proverbial grave of death, which is a lost and alienated life from God. We believe that only life may beget life and that the Scripture records of God’s elected race, “But as many as received Him, to them He gave authority to become children of God, to those being persuaded in the presence of His authority” (John 1:12 AST).

We believe that the gift of eternal life begins as a seed of God implanted into the receptive mind of the Adamic individual. This gift of eternal life is the gift of a new person, neither male nor female, and this new person, or inner man, is caused to mature and grow by the presence and nourishment of the indwelling Mentality of Separation in the on-going Baptism of Fire. 

We believe that there is a process and a time for its gestation, regeneration, and growth in infancy through adolescence into maturity. God has predestined that the place of nourishment be the Body Politic. This new inner man is created in the image of Christ and is Christ being formed in us. The objective and purpose of this restored inner man is to be the spiritual body in eternity future that men will have to possess, in its maturity, in order to approach unto God in Heaven future that Christ has prepared for those that love Him. The Scripture records that when a living believer, who has grown into the favor and knowledge of God into maturity, departs the physical world, they join the spirits of just men made perfect and mature in Jesus Anointed our Master. 

We teach that regeneration of the believing Christian is the work of the Mentality of Separation, which is implanted in the new believer on the first day of salvation. From that point, this implanted seed grows each day that the believer does not reject or say “No” to the Mentality of Truth. If the believer walks, continues, and abides in the teaching of the Word, this new man will eventually grow to the measure and stature of Christ, and Christ will be formed in the believer. However, we believe that we are in jeopardy (I Cor. 15:30) of killing or aborting this inner man through disbelief of the Word each day of this physical life. Therefore, we must trust in the Mentality to guide us into all truth (John 16:13) submitting ourselves only to the one God and Master, Jesus Christ, the implanted Word that is able to save our lives (Jacob 1:21), eating only at the Master’s table (I Cor. 10:21).

We fervently believe that spiritual death is a terrifying and terrible reality, that the sons of Adam may be aborted before knowing mature life in Christ. The sons of God who do follow the Mentality of Truth unto life anew walk in jeopardy all of this physical life each day of salvation, but those who endure to the end, the same shall be saved (Matt. 10:22). We as believers are therefore solemnly obligated to walk according to the new Christian Covenant, the New Testament, which constitutes Christian law. We are obligated by the Covenant, as recipients of the gift of life everlasting, to walk worthily of so great a salvation (I Thess. 2:12, Eph. 4:1, Col. 1:10), being sure not to neglect our duties or responsibilities, especially in love of our kind. 

We believe that we are still obligated, according to the principles of eternal law, to fulfill all principles of the law, and to make daily sacrifices to the Living God Who is worthy of all praise and all honor, for the Scriptures say, 

“Therefore, I beseech you brothers, through the compassions of God, to present your body a living sacrifice, separated, well-pleasing to God, your reasonable service. And do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of the mind, in order to prove by you what is the good and well-pleasing and perfect will of God” (Rom. 12:1-2 AST).

Christian Separatists believe that we are obligated to walk in the newness of life (Rom. 6:4), being renewed daily (II Cor. 4:16) in the leadership of the Mentality of Separation, and that after regeneration we are obligated to walk worthy of so great a salvation. Thus, presenting oneself as a living sacrifice is predicated upon the assumption that the believer has entered the Rest, or Sabbath, of Christ (Matt. 11:28) in godly sorrow once and for all and has ceased from his own labors or works in the eternal Sabbath that is only in Christ. The believer becomes a vessel of God as a living epistle. Therefore, the true believer is led not by his old man and carnal lusts and passions, but in the newness of eternal life in fellowship and unity with the Mentality of Separation; and therefore in concord with his brothers and fellow believers. The Christian is obligated to meet the demand of reasonable service in having presented his body unto the leadership of the Mentality, having died to the world order and entering the everlasting peace and rest that is in Christ. Their bodies become conduits for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and the living works of righteousness that He shall perform in the believer made alive in Christ Jesus. 

6.4.1. Born Again, Born from Above. 

The subject of being born again, born anew, or born from above, expressions that are synonymous with the term regeneration, is a prime subject that illustrates with absolute certainty the necessity of knowing the real Jesus Christ of the Bible and His true character. The doctrine of regeneration begins with the fall and failure of the first Adamics to keep God’s Law, and as a consequence, they fell from God’s favor as a nation, that is, collectively speaking. But our Father did not abandon His chosen race individually, and knowing the beginning and the end, He made for Himself a Body that would come at the appropriate time and become a Kinsman Redeemer and Savior of all the Adamic nations, uniting them in the Anointed Nation of the everlasting Government of Jesus Christ.

It is important to know exactly what happened when men transgressed or broke the laws of God so long ago in the Heaven of Eden. In popular religious terms, God is a “Holy Spirit”; a Separated Mentality Who cannot be touched with or by evil. Therefore, when the Adamics violated their spiritual and intellectual integrity to violate the laws written on their hearts, God had to withdraw from them the breath of life with which He had inbreathed the Adamic race. He immediately withdrew the presence of His Mentality. This meant that the Adamic person no longer existed in his true created nature and was no longer a whole person, but more a hollow shell, void of the Spirit of God and in loss of his intended created nature. God had created and inbreathed the Adamic race to be His portion of the earth, to be His living temple and Government. God had stated to Adam, “but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil – of it you shall not eat, but in whatsoever day you eat of it, you shall surely die” (Gen. 2:17 LXX).

We know that this fact came to pass, and that the Adamics who failed to keep God’s Laws died spiritual death; that is, God removed His Mentality of Life from them the day that they were disobedient to the indwelling Separating Mentality of God. We know that it was spiritual death and alienation from God, because the Scriptures witness that Adam lived physically 930 years after he disobeyed the Law of God. Moreover, we know that the Law of God is the Word of God, and that the Word of God is the Law of God. This fact of Adamic spiritual death necessitated that God prepare and send a Kinsman Redeemer who would pay the blood debt of honor owed to a just God. That innocent Lamb of God was, of course, Jesus Christ our Savior. 

Because of the law of sin and death, little innocent white children born into the Adamic race will one day run into the consequences of the law of sin and death, which forces them to be God-conscious and Christ-conscious. For this law of sin and death operates in the adversarial mentality of what is called “Satan” or the Devil and the demented messengers of the insane or demented. This adversarial mentality of lawlessness and hatred of God is an infectious mentality, but it too must operate according to the natural laws and principles set forth in the nature created by God. 

The Bible says that when sin or lawlessness or law-breaking has conceived and fully formed, it brings forth death. In other words, there is a gestational period of time when this adversarial or demonic mentality enters the heart or mind of the individual. If not dealt with in that period of time, it grows to fruition and brings forth death. In other words, that is how the infection of sin or failure works. It works in much the same way that the Mentality of Truth works. The mentality of mongrelization is the antithesis of the Mentality of Separation. It is the demented mentality of death. We will recall that the Apostle Paul told the Galatians that he was going to work with them until “the Anointed should be formed in you” (Gal. 4:19 AST). We know that Paul went on to explain that part of the process of being regenerated involved the new man, conceived in the image of Christ, being formed in us, and, of course, growing in the favor and knowledge of God unto a full and saving knowledge of truth, or epignosis, as the Greek has it, which means, a full and truthful knowledge of Christ. 

These Biblical facts stress the necessity of a true knowledge of the real Christ. In plain language, what this all means is that we are born innocent, but that one day, we run into the law of sin and death. We are continuously bombarded by lies and those who help make lies, and we are eventually deceived, although unwillingly, into breaking some of the Law of God. In that day, we lose our innocence and personal integrity, and become at war with God, in need of a Kinsman Redeemer to resurrect us from the grave of death that we have fallen into. The Bible does indeed teach that whosoever calls upon the name of the Master will be saved. That is qualified as those who have the birthright and have repented in godly sorrow. 

There is no doubt that those who do believe Jesus, not just believe He existed, but believe what His Words say and teach, and who act upon this belief by calling upon His authority for salvation, shall be saved on that first day of salvation. They will receive as their earnest down payment the restoration of the Holy Spirit, which regenerates them as individuals, making them alive unto God and making God knowledgeable of them. If they have received the true Mentality of Separation, it will teach them all things and make them knowledgeable of the one and true God. This is the gift of God, the giving of His Mentality of Life Everlasting back into them, restoring them to their intended nature – to once again become inbreathed, or inspired, children of God. 

This indwelling of the Mentality of Separation, the Mind of Christ, then begins the process of the Baptism of Fire in the renewing of the mind. The Mentality of Truth literally comes into us, changing our minds to true repentance. Having already brought us to godly sorrow, the work of the Mentality of Truth thereafter is to cleanse us as we are filled to capacity each new day of salvation with a greater measure of Mentality of Separation. This operation of the Mentality of Truth constitutes the regenerating work of God, and also constitutes the process of true conversion. This is called the Baptism of Fire and was promised by Jesus Christ. It is the one baptism of the Scripture that brings about regeneration. This is not to say that there are not other washings, but that this Baptism of Fire is the only washing of the Mentality of Separation in the heart and mind of the believer that brings us to a saving knowledge of truth. Thus, the work of the Mentality in us is two-fold: 

  1. To cleanse us from all injustice by burning away all evil thoughts, words, concepts, and delusions, religious and otherwise, and replaces such thoughts of injustice with the just teachings and laws of Almighty God in full understanding. In this way, our minds are renewed, and the Mentality of Separation becomes our true teacher Who teaches us all things. 
  2. To form the new Christ, the new man, in us, whether male or female. This new man being formed in us is composed of Mentality. It grows according to our obedience to the Word of God and our trusting and obeying the leadership of the Separated Mentality. This mentality, this new man, this Anointed man in us grows unto the favor and knowledge of the Master until it is matured and perfected to join the mentalities of just men made perfect. 

At the end of our lives, we lay down these mortal bodies to return to the dust from which they were composed, and they suffer the appointment of physical death justly pronounced on our race. However, the new man fully formed in us joins the mentalities of just men made perfect, to be with Jesus Anointed forever, to be in the Government of Almighty God in eternity future. In other words, it is in the joining of just men made perfect that we are born again in the fullest sense of the word. Our bodies are simply a place that has been impregnated with the seed, or the Word of God, for gestation of the new man, as we, in obedience to God’s teaching and leadership, become a part of the Body Politic or Society or Government of God; for there is no salvation outside the Body Politic (Separatist Brief Vol. 1, No. 18, “Salvation is in the Body Politic Only”). 

That which we have said up to this point is precisely what our Savior and His Apostles taught the full born again, regenerative experience to be. But this is not what is taught in the apostate, Hedonistic, and Syncretic false Christianities. Talmudized, Judaized Christianity teaches that all one has to do is believe Jesus existed and call upon His name, shake hands with the preacher, receive the right water ritual and start tithing, and they will be saved forever. No matter what they do, no matter how corrupt and dishonorable their character, they are “once saved, always saved.” 

The truth is that the apostate Churchianity groups do teach one or two principles of salvation; at least, how to call upon the name of the Lord. Thereafter, the child who may be conceived on the first day of salvation is eventually murdered by the same denomination in abortion or spiritual murder in teaching a false Jesus and a false Christianity. (See Section 6.9.1 “Once Saved, Always Saved” herein.)

This brings us to recognize the necessity of the mother of us all, which is the Wife of Christ, the Church or Body Politic. It is also the Anointed Nation and Government of God. The terms Body Politic (Church) and Government (Kingdom) are in reference to the same entity. To be in Christ is to be in the Body Politic. We are to physically be in the Body of the Anointed, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together (Heb. 10:25). In truth, the gestation of the new man must take place in the new creature, which is the Body Politic or Church, the New Jerusalem of God come down out of Heaven. Therefore, the Baptism of Fire and the baptism of the Mentality of Separation are one and the same baptism.

6.4.2. Godly Sorrow. 

Godly sorrow, or sorrow for God, is the experience of pronounced empathy and sympathy that comes with a true understanding of the vicious murder of the absolutely innocent Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. Moreover, this experience is to order priorities of thinking and feelings. It makes the believer no longer susceptible to worldly self-pity or the cares of the world. It renders the believer a true repentance, a true change of mind and attitude, as well as belief system or persuasion. It reorders our empathetic priorities of life. One of the ministers of the Society has put it quite well and succinctly: 

“I really didn’t understand godly sorrow until I envisioned my infant son being viciously beaten, crucified, and murdered on a torture stake, by a bunch of blood-thirsty, God-hating Talmudists. When I realized that Jesus Anointed, our Savior, was more innocent than my one year-old boy, it was then that the scales truly fell from my eyes, and I began to comprehend the real significance of the murder of the Lamb of God. His self-sacrifice and His innocent blood were the price that the justice of God demanded to be paid so that a hell-deserving failure such as myself might be saved. I shall have no misdirected pity or sorrow for any death-deserving creature. I shall cast all my love and sympathy and pity upon the Lamb of God. In this way, God has ordered my thinking and safe-guarded my sanity.”

6.5. Persuasion (Pistology). 

Christian Separatists use the term persuasion rather than the commonly used theological term faith. “Liddell and Scott define the word pistis, for which persuasion is translated, as: ‘persuasion of a thing, confidence, assurance.’ It is derived from the word peitho, which means, ‘to persuade.’ Also, the goddess Peitho is translated in English as Persuasion, and the Latin equivalent was Suada, from which we derive the English word persuade. Thus, in view of the overwhelming lexicographical attestation of the definition of persuasion, and in light of the vague and often misunderstood meaning of the word faith, pistis has been translated as persuasion” (AST, 2nd Edition, Appendix 17).

Having defined the word, let us now discuss what persuasion means to the Christian Separatist. “So as the body without the Mentality is dead, so also persuasion without actions is dead” (Ja. 2:26 AST). Christian Separatists maintain that our persuasion, or belief in Christ, is manifested in works. However, we do not necessarily teach that the works are solely that of the believer. Rather, we believe that it is the Mentality of Separation or Holy Spirit, and therefore Jesus Christ, that dwells in us and performs the living or godly works of persuasion that constitute being a Christian.

We believe that we are obligated to present ourselves unto God, practicing an animated and living persuasion. This means that we must have surrendered our hearts and minds and bodies unto the Holy Spirit of God, so that Christ might work in us mightily. Therefore, while it is an action of the believer to choose to follow Christ, it is the work of the Holy Spirit, or Mentality, in that believer which actually performs living works. 

If it is Christ in us, it is no more our carnal, or old, man doing the working. Thus, we accept as truth that those believers, surrendered in the maturity and having entered the rest of the Lord of the Lord of Rest, are manifested as those walking, continuing, and abiding in obedience to the Word-Law of the New Covenant of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the Spirit or Mentality of Christ that leads us, for it is unthinkable and impossible for the Spirit of Christ to be in disobedience to the Word of Christ. Therefore, believers may be known by the fruit of their lips, their actions, and their bodies. For we believe that the persuasion of Christ is definable, and knowable, and teachable and is a belief system laid down in the New Covenant Law of Christ, and that believers are commanded to walk worthy thereof. 

We believe first that the Holy Spirit of Truth woos those individuals of the Adamic race that are favored by having “ears to hear and eyes to see.” If these individuals do not resist unto blasphemy this wooing, or calling, of the Mentality, the Mentality then enters into their hearts and minds and God favors them with His Own indwelling and animating, life-giving Spirit or Mind.

We further believe that the vagueness of the word faith has led many into the false belief that not all will know the will of their Father in Heaven. By obtaining a true translation of the Scriptures, Christian Separatists realize that there is a definable, understandable, and knowable mental process that is commonly experienced by all believers, for we are told that: “persuasion is of hearing, and hearing through the Word of the Anointed” (Rom. 10:17 AST). Most often, God uses messengers whom He indwells to deliver the knowledge of the common faith persuasion in godly sorrow. Thus, we believe that the Word of God, as contained in the New Testament, provides the believer with the persuasion or belief system. Therefore, the Mentality of Separation leads the Christian into a full understanding through belief and study of the Word of God in its entirety.

 We believe that the Bible is indeed understandable, knowable, definable, and available to the Christian, and that God has indeed “fully furnished for every good action” (II Tim. 3:17 AST) through this Finished Work of Jesus Christ. Thus, we firmly believe that the Bible is the Word of God, the belief system once and for all times (Heb. 9:26, Jude 3) delivered to the Adamic believer who has ears to hear and eyes to see (Mark 4:9, 8:18).

6.6. Favor (Charismatology). 

Once again, to gain a proper understanding of the Christian Separatist belief system, we must start with a good English translation of the Greek Scripture. “The English word grace, like faith, could be an appropriate term if its true meaning were correctly understood. The original meaning of the word grace, and certainly the common meaning at the time of the translation of the KJV, was favor. Today, however, the word has become a vague euphemism with a variety of subjective meanings. Thus, in order to better convey the meaning of the Greek word charis (xãriw), the word favor has been employed [in the AST}. Indeed, the primary definition of the word, according to Liddell and Scott, is ‘favor’” (AST, 2nd Edition, Appendix 17).

Having defined the term, let us discuss what is meant by the word favor in the New Testament. God manifests His favor through the giving of the measure of the Holy Spirit or Mentality of Separation. Thus, the scripture records “For by favor you are saved, through persuasion, and this is not of you, but is a gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should brag” (Eph. 2:8-9 AST ). Therefore, Christian Separatists believe that when the believer makes the decision to believe on only the Anointed One, Jesus Christ, God favors that believer with the Mentality of Separation. The Mentality of Separation then indwells that believer and continues to lead and guide that believer each day of salvation. Thus, the believer is persuaded, then favored by God with the Mentality of Separation, and it is this Mentality of Separation, the Mind of Jesus, God Himself, which is the gift of God that saves us.

6.7. Justification. 

Christian Separatists believe that justification is a gift of God’s free favor, through which, upon repentance, He pardons our failures, and imparts to us a new life. It is received not for any works of justice that we have done (Titus 3:5), but in the unmerited favor of God in Christ Jesus. Therefore, justification is an adjustment to the justice of God. One cannot be justified by keeping the law of Moses, nor is it obtainable in our own strength and will or intellectual abilities, but only through the blood of Jesus Christ. It is freely given and not earned by any act of penitence or deed that we can do. 

6.8. Sanctification or Separation (Hagiology).

Christian Separatists believe that the true meaning of sanctification, or separation, must be understood in its purpose. These English words are translated for the Greek hagiasmos, related to the Greek word hagios, which is commonly translated holy or separated, and which LSJ defines as “devoted to the gods.” Sanctification means “to be set apart from” or “separated from the opposing world economy or system of sin and death.” It also carries with it the meaning of “being separated unto God,” and “by God” from the evil world system.

In other words, we are not only separated from something but to something. That which we are separated to is the purpose of God.

Separation is used of (a) separation to God, (I Cor. 1:30; II Thes. 2:13; I Pet. 1:2); and (b) the course of life befitting those so separated (I Thes. 4:3, 4, 7; Rom. 6:19, 22; I Tim. 2:15; Heb. 12:14). Separation is that relationship with God into which Adamic men enter through the persuasion of Christ (Acts 26:18; I Cor. 6:11), and to which their only right of claim for God’s favor is the sacrificial death and shedding of the blood of Christ Jesus (Eph. 5:25-26; Col. 1:22; Heb. 10:10, 29; 13:12), not religious rituals and not their good works.

Separation is also used in the New Testament of the separation of the believer from the evil of the world order and its godless behavior, both mental and physical. This setting apart unto the purpose of God is God’s will for the believer (I Thess. 4:3), and separation is God’s purpose in calling out the believer by the good news of God’s favor called the Good Message. Those who are not separated from the evil world order mentally, physically, or philosophically, even though they may call themselves Christians, have the wrong Jesus, or what Paul called “another good message” (II Cor. 11:4). A Christian must be separated by the truth of the good news of Christ and no other way, for nothing else will separate or produce the fruits of separation, and nothing less will do; the knowledge of godly separation must be learned from God as He teaches it by His Word (John 17:17, 19; cf. Psalms 17:4; 119:9). The agent of true separation is the Mentality of Separation.

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