6.1-6.3: Soteriology

6.1 The Need of a Savior. 

We hold that man fell from favor and lost the abiding Mentality of Separation inbreathed into Adam in Genesis. Adamic man then became in need of reconciliation to God for this failure through justification by repentance in godly sorrow. We believe that after the failure of the first man, Adamic man stood in need of a Kinsman Redeemer to restore him to eternal spiritual life and to save him from eternal spiritual death.

6.2. The Calling and Election of Adamic Man. 

We believe that God preserved a seedline of a chosen people unto Himself through Seth, and that God chose His people to be His portion of the earth, wherein God would dwell. We teach that God did preserve a people unto His name and authority, that He did make covenant with father Abraham, that He swore by Himself for He could swear by none greater (Heb. 6:13). We believe that until such time as Jesus Anointed should come and establish His own Government, that God did preserve His people racially and morally by shutting them up under the stringent Mosaic law. 

We believe according to the Scriptures that God Almighty chose the Adamic man as His portion of the earth, who were chosen to be a people unto the Living God and collectively to be His living temple or house on the earth in whom God would dwell. The Scripture further says that Almighty God is immutable and unchangeable and, in Christ Jesus, has revealed His character to be the same yesterday, today and forever. We therefore believe that eligibility for membership through Christ Jesus is first contingent on God Almighty’s racial choosing of His people. Those who compose His body must be chosen by, and of, God (Matt. 11:27, 22:14; John 3:8, 6:65, 15:16; Heb. 2:4; Acts 2:39; Eph. 1:4-6). Since the failure of man, those of God’s racial choice must also choose to follow God. 

 The Christian Separatist Church Society is founded upon the theistic belief of the Bible. The Church recognizes only two sources, the Greek New Testament and the Greek Septuagint, in their original manuscripts, as binding Scripture. The Church adamantly believes that the Israelite peoples of the Old Testament were uniquely of Adam’s race and that God the Father has perpetuated that Government of Old Israel into the Everlasting Christian Kingdom. As the Church holds that the Israel of old and the true modern day Israel is composed of the Adamic race only, the Church believes and teaches that God the Father chose the Adamic race as His portion of the earth from the founding of the approved and blessed cosmotic order. Israel became the preserver, or oracle, of God’s Word, as other Adamic nations were scattered. As Paul teaches, these other nations did not retain a true knowledge of God in their religious knowledge, although all the Adamic nations were looking for an Avatar or Savior (including Greeks, Barbarians, Scythians, etc.). These nations, composed of white Adamic stock and therefore Israel’s kinsmen, were also looking for One Who would straighten out the chaos of the world. 

6.3. Repentance. 

We therefore hold and believe that our salvation comes after having called on the authority of Christ in the earnest experience of godly sorrow or grief, which alone can bring us to true repentance. True repentance is manifested as a true change of mind and heart, known by change in belief and behavior. This is accomplished in the power of the working of the favor of God, which is shown toward His repentant racial sons and daughters. 

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