4: Cosmology

4.1. The Creation of the World. 

Christian Separatists believe that God created the world and its orderly arrangement through a process that was consistent with the laws of nature. We reject the idea of a six literal day creation period approximately 6,000 years ago, but instead recognize that a day with the Master is as a thousand years. Therefore, while the creation account of Genesis is a useful analogy to help men understand the order and ontology of creation, it is nevertheless merely representative of the creative process set in order by God and covering a time span of millions of years. We believe that the actual process of creation is unimportant and see no reason to argue with any number of developmental models that are supported by current scientific evidence and understanding; however, we do believe that a few thousand years ago, at a time consistent with the chronology represented in the Old Testament, the creative process reached a point of finality, at which time God looked upon what He had created and recognized it as good and finished. At this point, the orderly arrangement or cosmos was set in order.

4.2. The Natural Order. 

We believe that God created a cosmos or orderly arrangement and blessed it through His pronouncement of it as “good.” 

We believe that as part of God’s cosmos or orderly arrangement He made Adam, or man, and that to this man only did God give dominion for ordering and ruling over the creation of God. Thus, we believe that man/Adam, which means “one ruddy and able to show blood in the face,” or “white man,” was created by Almighty God for the purpose of giving reputation to Almighty God. In addition to this purpose and responsibility, God provided the white man a white woman to give reputation to and be a helpmate to him. 

We believe that the Adamics, in their pristine and original state of creation, were inspired men having been inbreathed by Almighty God and caused to contain the Holy Spirit or Mentality of Separation. This Spirit-filled man, the first Adam, in his true created nature, was superior to all created things.

Furthermore, God pronounced that each species of plant, animal and man should reproduce according to its genus or race as recorded in Genesis 1. This principle was clearly stated numerous times and was the mechanism that God ordained for the preservation of the orderly arrangement as He created it. 

4.3. Ponerology (Study of Evil). 

We further believe, according to the Scripture, that sin or failure entered into the orderly arrangement through failure to obey the life Law of the Word of the Living God. We believe that through the transgression of the law of seed after its own kind (Genesis 1:11 LXX) there came, through mongrelization and miscegenation, a mongrelized man-like creature, not only with a corrupted body, but also with a mongrelized and corrupted mentality, diabolically opposed to the cosmotic order of the God of the Bible, and thus it is anti-nature and anti-God in its diabolical and corrupt existence. 

This mentality, adversarial and corrupt, became known as the Devil, or the Diabolical One, or the Adversary, manifested in the demented, insane or demon-filled mentalities of the corrupted world. We further believe that this insanity was infectious and that the Adamic order that then was became infected, but that God intervened, choosing a people unto Himself and preserving that chosen people through the line of Seth to bear His Seed in the future.

When speaking of Adam, we are speaking of a group of Adamic people known today as “the white man.” This group of people is spoken of in Genesis, chapter one. The length of time that passed between the creation and the failure of Adamic man is not specified, and may have been thousands of years. In Genesis, “Adam” represents both man collectively, or nationally, as well as individually. This is easily realized in the Septuagint. In Genesis 1:26, God says, “Let us make man according to our image.” God then placed “man” in the garden. It is in Genesis 2:16 that man is later called “Adam.” Thus, Adam is at once the quintessential Adam, while also typical of a great nation. It is a story told of an individual in a condensed time setting that is also meant to represent a great nation over many hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Eve is, for example, referred to as the “mother of all living”, in the same way that the Apostle refers to the New Covenant Christian Church as the mother of us all, or the mother of all living. (Christian Separatists will often refer to the New Covenant Church as the Second Eve of God, in the same sense that Christ is the Second Adam.) The story of Eve is the story of the first government of Heaven and its plunge into lawlessness, and the story of good men standing by and doing nothing, going along with the evil, though they knew better. It is the story of Adamic national history told over and over again.

Regarding the individual Adam, there is a definite record of the years of Adam’s life, as there is a record of the years of Seth and his descendents who preserved the line through which Jesus was to come. It is through Seth’s lineage that our Savior and Master, God’s Seed, would be born into this world. Not every Adamite, therefore, descends from the individual man called Adam, but every Adamite (white man) may return to the Father through Jesus Christ, Who came through the lineage of Seth. The nations are composed of those descendents of the other Adamites who existed at the time of the individual Adam, but whose genealogy was not recorded. These became known as the ethnos or nations in the New Covenant, erroneously referred to as gentiles in the Jewish translations. These other descendents of Seth and other Adamites, though white, were not specifically mentioned because Jesus did not descend through them directly. As Adamites, though, they remain racial kinsman, and a part of the elect; that is, chosen nation, and God’s portion of the earth. God did not abandon this elect race in His plan for salvation, but rather promised Abraham that he would be the father of many nations. God did this out of love for His chosen race, knowing that the majority of Adamite nations would not retain true knowledge of the true God in their minds and hearts. He knew that they would devolve into the base practices of idolatry, so much so that God gave them over to a reprobate mind (Rom. 1:22-32). A reprobate mind is one rejected by God. Knowing the end in the beginning, God therefore chose the Seth line to serve the purpose of carrying the Seed of the Body that God had made for Himself, which would become, at the right time in history, the Lord Jesus Christ. Thus, God’s purpose for the preservation of the tribe of Judah came to fruition with the birth of Christ. 

We believe that the original black or Negro was part of the highest order of the animal kingdom. Therefore, this original creation of God in itself was not evil. Although part of the original creation of God, the black or Negro was never inspired or inbreathed with the “living life” of Adam. However, we believe that at some point the diabolical mentality came into existence, as a result of disobedience to God’s Law by the white Adamites, and seduced members of the Adamic race into crossing over the Law of God through committing the sin of bestiality, and that a non-created being came into existence as a result. This non-created being is what Christian Separatists call a mongrel, and has many physical manifestations in the mixed races of the world. Thus, it was necessary for God to racially preserve His Body through the line of Seth by protecting the Israelite people and making them the true preservers of the Oracles of God; that is, the “culture-bearers” of truth, by preserving the most ancient and factual knowledge of the one, true Living God.

Christian Separatists firmly deny that God was the creator of evil. Rather, we believe that it was through man’s own failure to obey God that evil came into the world. The very existence of the mongrel is evil, in that the mongrel was not created by God, but exists through the denial of God’s Law of seed after its own kind established in Genesis. We believe that all evil in the world is the result of the mongrelization, or corrupting, of the minds of white Adamites failing to keep God’s Law, and that this mental failure leads to physical failure in the carnal world. We believe that the initial breaking of God’s Laws, which resulted in a non-created body and a non-created mentality, set in motion the law of sin and death. The evil of the world that exists does not exist in the perfect will of God. Rather, it exists in the permissive will of God, because by one man’s lawlessness did evil enter into the world.

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