2: The Existence of God

2.1. God is. 

Christian Separatists believe that God “is, and that He becomes a rewarder to those seeking Him out” (Heb. 11:6 AST). The Christian Separatist belief system is theistic in its perception of Scripture. For us, the existence of God is not doubted. We believe that He is. Moreover, we subscribe to the theistic view of history that states that the God of the Bible, Who is Everliving, is still interactive with His chosen people, both personally and collectively, as He in the person of the Spirit or Mentality of Separation dwells within His people to preserve and save them from the continued consequences of the law of sin and death. 

For the Christian Separatist, the issue is not that we believe in God, but rather that we believe God, manifested in the comprehension and apprehension of the one, true Christian persuasion, once and for all times delivered unto God’s people in the end of the Mosaic or so-called Jewish age. 

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